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Claim Category - Daily allowance

Multiple date can be used to select the number of days you are claiming for.

Select the expense category Daily allowance, click Save.

The screen below shows the daily rate for this category and the country will default to your home country.

Use the country dropdown to change to the country for which you are claiming and the rate will update.

If there has been a rate change during the claim period both rates will be shown.

If the allowance is to be claimed against a different account type please change the account dropdown.

Save these details.

On the following screen enter any coding and descriptions as normal.

Save the claim lines.

If multiple dates were selected this category will create a claim line for each date showing the daily allowance and coding and descriptions entered against the first line.

As with all claim lines they can be edited individually if any changes are required.

Return to final claim details

Return to claim category selection